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Meet the Fashionistas

A thrifty, witty, spunky girl with a knack for writing and an eye for finding a great deal. Melanie lives in Brooklyn, NY and enjoys traveling and creating adventures. Melanie recently graduated from Buffalo State College with a degree in Journalism with a brief concentration in dance. She currently works at UncommonGoods  as an Administrative Assistant in Human Resources. Melanie loves watching movies, creating art, dancing with strangers, experimenting with recipes, people watching, being organized/occasionally messy, devouring chocolate, blogging and laughing at odd words (like "doo-dad").

A sassy, silly, soulful girl with a passion for fashion and love for art. Currently living and loving in Chicago, Jillian earned herself a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Design from Illinois State University. With hopes of one day creating high-end window displays across the windy city, Jillian loves splashing her creative ideas onto paper, canvas, fabric, receipts and whatever else she can find. She loves singing, eating pizza, reading Cosmopolitan magazine from back to front, playing volleyball on the beach, listening to musical soundtracks, feeding her boyfriend and naming her most prized possessions (like Charlie, her car).